Shul Closure

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Dear CBAJ Family,
As our building remains closed for the next few weeks, we will continue offering a variety of Jewish spiritual and educational programs online.  Please see the full schedule below.  In addition to the regular weekly schedule, we will have guest speakers on Zoom and other programs periodically – please check your email.  The weekly Shabbat Notes will also contain updated information.
I would like to appeal to our members who fall into what have been deemed “high risk” categories based on age, medical conditions, or other vulnerabilities.  I implore you not to endanger yourselves needlessly and to follow the suggested social distancing guidelines; please take advantage of the support your friends in our amazing Beth Abe community can offer.  If you would like help with shopping, errands, or other things since you are remaining home as much as possible, or conversely, if you would like to volunteer to help people in the community who may need help, please fill out the form at this link.  
Once again, should you or someone you know experience financial distress related to purchasing essentials like food or household items, paying regular bills, etc., please let me know now and do not wait until crisis hits. I keep a discretionary fund for use as gifts or loans specifically for these reasons, and any calls to me will remain strictly confidential. Please assess your needs, and keep in mind the upcoming Pesach holiday. 
Finally, I know this time can be worrisome and difficult.  If you need or would like to chat – please feel free to call or text me at 516-225-7769.  If you know someone who you think would be interested in a conversation with me, please feel free to give them my number.  This time can be very difficult for people living alone, empty nesters, and others, and depression or anxiety can set in without warning.  Shabbat and Yom Tov can be especially difficult, and if they are, I have some ideas I can share with you. We are here for you always, and especially during these trying times.  
Stay healthy and safe,
Roy Feldman
Access Information:

Our Zoom conferences can be accessed on a computer or smartphone at: ; or on any phone by dialing 929-205-6099 and using Meeting ID 940 508 9347.
For Facebook programming, visit

Sunday to Thursday at 1 pm: 5-minute live videos on Halakhot of Pesach on Facebook
Monday to Friday at 1 pm: Orthodox Union Communal Tehillim and Words of Inspiration, call (773) 249-0370
Sunday to Thursday: Mincha, Mishna study in memory of our loved ones (for mourners and Yahrzeit), a prayer for the ill, and Ma’ariv, on Zoom Conference.  See Shabbat notes for weekly time (this week, 6:50 pm).
Weekly Adult Education
Sundays at 8pm on Zoom: In Depth Talmud, Tractate Megilah
Mondays at 8pm on Zoom: Contemporary Halakhic Issues
Thursdays at 9:30 am on Zoom: Tanakh, Sefer Melakhim
More special programs and guest speakers to be announced
Youth Programming
Fridays at 3pm on Zoom: Tot Shabbat
Sundays at 10:30 am on Zoom: CBAJ Kid’s Club for grades 2-5 with Youth Director Jory 
Shabbat Family Programming
Fridays at 6:00 pm on Facebook Live: Pre-Shabbat singing and Dvar Torah (30 minutes)
Saturday nights, 15 minutes after Shabbat ends, on Zoom: Musical Havdalah and Melaveh Malka (some post-Shabbat singing)